Congratulations, you’re engaged!  After updating your Facebook status to alert the masses of the good news, it’s time to start wedding planning.  So where do you begin?  Three words: Wedding Guest List. Your wedding guest list will dictate two important parts of your wedding: the budget & the venue.

Naturally, the larger the guest list the bigger the wedding budget. Of course there are plenty of ways to save money when planning a large wedding, but I’ll save those tips for another post.  On the flip side, it only makes sense to start venue shopping when you know approximately how many guests you can expect for your big day.

Guest lists are an evil necessity to wedding planning.  After you and your fiancé work through the first rough draft of your guest list (everyone you want and think you need to invite), check out this handy infographic from Simply Bridal on how to safely cut your wedding guest list.

How did you decide who was invited to your wedding?