In honor of Flash Back Friday, Katie from RIbbon & Ink wrote a guest post as she took a stroll down memory lane to her wedding day 5 years ago. Katie dishes out the 5 things she would have changed about her wedding to help you plan your wedding accordingly.

5 Things I would change about my wedding

When I got married I was very new to the wedding industry and really had no clue where to start. Now, as a graphic designer who primarily does branding for wedding vendors, I have learned a considerable more about weddings and there are definitely things I would have changed. Here are some key tips to consider when planning your big day:

1. HIRE AN EXPERIENCED PHOTOGRAPHER. THE MONEY IS WORTH IT! We hired a friend and while we love our pictures, there aren’t that many of just my husband and I. I think it was a time management issue, because we had a late ceremony. Make sure you are getting someone with lots of experience at time management and someone who is adamant about taking pictures of just the two of you regardless of time. You only get one day! Making your guests wait an extra fifteen minutes will be worth it.

2. HAVE A RECEIVING LINE. My husband and I spent the majority of our reception going from table to table talking to people. We didn’t get to enjoy everything. It was also stressful trying to remember who we thanked and who we still needed to talk to. Either do a receiving line OR escort your guests by row from the ceremony as they are headed to the reception. That way you talk to every single person as they are getting up from their seats and exiting down the aisle.

Wedding Planning Advice

3. HAVE AN EARLY CEREMONY. Don’t do a 6:30 ceremony like we did. Just don’t. There was another event in the day at our location and that pushed our ceremony back. We felt rushed and had fifteen minutes for pictures. We didn’t do a first look, which I don’t regret, but if you do have a late ceremony than you SHOULD do a first look to avoid that.

4. HAVE A PLANNER OR COORDINATOR. We got married at a venue who had a staff person on hand that acted as our planner. It was really great. They ensured a backup plan too in case it rained. Having a wedding planner or AT LEAST someone on staff at your venue as a coordinator will ease your mind and make your day less stressful. I wish I had had a planner to help with the whole process of wedding planning, but it’s not for everyone’s budget. I’m so glad we had that coordinator there.

5 Things I would change about my wedding


5. SPLURGE ON AN EXIT OUTFIT. We left the venue through two rows of our friends as they blew bubbles on us and I wore a dress that I had worn several times. I think I just thought “I don’t need a new dress to wear for five minutes as we leave the venue.” I wish I had though. Wearing something cute and new as a brand new wife will make you feel even more happy and beautiful than you did in your wedding dress. Also it was sad to take off my wedding dress and put something I had worn several times on. At least a new dress is something exciting!

BONUS TIP: GO TO DISNEY FOR YOUR HONEYMOON. We did and it was AWESOME. You continue to feel like a princess for a whole extra week! Disney is just magical and romantic and FUN! If you or your spouse is not a beach person than Disney is the way to go. My husband hates the beach so we decided to do something fun!

Five years later we have lived in two houses, got a dog, had five jobs between the two of us,  have a fifteen month old son, and I am STILL thinking of ways to improve my wedding.

Cheers to planning!

Katie Durski

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