5 Myths About Hiring A Wedding Planner
Guest Blog Post | Voilà! Event Studio

You’ve spent hours on Pinterest, picked up every bridal magazine out, and attended a handful of wedding shows. Wedding inspiration – check! So what’s next? Wedding Planning! Now that you have a wedding vision it’s time to start figuring out how to execute your ideas. This is when most couples start to debate on wether or not they should hire a wedding planner to help with the rest of the wedding planning. With so much wedding advice online it’s tempting to “plan” your own wedding. I believe that nothing replaces the TLC of a wedding planner, so I sat down with Tyler from Voilà! Event Studio to debunk 5 myths of hiring a wedding planner.

Downton Abbey Styled Shoot | Photos via Alicia Lacey Photography
Downton Abbey Styled Shoot | Photos via Alicia Lacey Photography

“I don’t need a planner because my mother, friend, sister, is planning and coordinating for me.”

Typically, these people, although you love them, are not professional wedding planners. If they are, you lucked out and may want to consider using them after all. But if you are most people, they aren’t wedding professionals. They may have had a small amount of experience, but it most likely pales in comparison to that of someone who does this for a living and is surrounded by the wedding world 24-7. In addition, your loved ones will have enough on their plate during the engagement – they will be planning parties for you, buying gifts for you, and making arrangements for their own transportation, travel, attire and more, so why ask even more of your loved ones? They should be able to relax and enjoy your special day WITH you.

“I don’t need a planner, because the venue is providing one.”

Most venues do provide an onsite coordinator or event manager of some type. These people are wonderful, and I love working with them. Many of them have been in the industry for years and can provide you with a great preferred vendors list, as well as help you with many aspects of your wedding. But to be clear, these individuals are responsible for overseeing the venue and their staff and sometimes the food and beverage for your wedding. They will not be walking you through your entire wedding planning process, advocating for you every step of the way, and ensuring every detail is exactly as you wish at the wedding. That, dear bride, is your planner’s job!

Downton Abbey Styled Shoot | Photos via Alicia Lacey Photography
Downton Abbey Styled Shoot | Photos via Alicia Lacey Photography

“I don’t need a planner, because I am getting married in another state or country.”

At first glance you may think that you don’t need a planner for a destination wedding. Maybe because you have a great venue coordinator, or because you are just eloping with a few friends and family. However, if you do not wish to hire a planner from your area to help you plan your destination wedding, then you may want to inquire with your venue or other vendors and find a great planner in the area that you are getting married. There are even more logistics and details to work out when you are taking your wedding on the road, including travel, transportation and lodging, so it really is a good idea to have someone help you handle all of these extra details.

“I cannot afford a planner.”

I think most people would be surprised at how inexpensive wedding planning can be. The value comes from hiring your planner early enough that they can help you mold and shape your wedding by having them develop a budget for you, guide you to the best values and vendors in your area, as well as providing recommendations on where to spend vs. save, and how to achieve your vision efficiently. Depending on what level of service you choose, they might spend anywhere from 25-100 hours per wedding, so when you divide their fee by the amount of time they are spending with you, it’s really a deal. In addition, many planners, including myself, offer a la carte services and hourly consulting at a reasonable rate, so if you just need minimal help it may be best to ask about their other service offerings.

“I only need a ‘Day Of’ planner.”

The term in itself is an offense to many event planners. Yes, we can do less amount of work, but it doesn’t mean we actually just show up on the day of the wedding and pretend to know everything about your wedding. Anyone who says they can do that is not a professional in my book. A professional planner will take the time to meet with you in advance, gather all of the information about your preferences, your vendors, your vision, provide you with helpful information, meet with you at the venue, put together an itinerary and much more all before your wedding day. Some planners, myself included, choose to name their package something else besides “day of” so as not to promote this confusion.

Downton Abbey Styled Shoot
Downton Abbey Styled Shoot | Photos via Alicia Lacey Photography

Every couple I’ve met who didn’t hire a wedding planner says they regretted it and wished they payed for the piece of mind that comes with a professional planner. You’re only getting married once, so you want to do it right and make it the best day ever! Start with hiring the right planner for your wedding. What myths have you heard about hiring a wedding planner?